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Latest model: Acura Integra 2001
Acura Integra 2001As the entry-level Acura, the Acura Integra embodies all the virtues that have established Acura as one of the leading luxury import brands in the US. It features superb road manners and impressive handling, an advanced powertrain, an aerodynamic look shape and a convenient, ergonomic cockpit developed to make driving enjoyable and secure. The Acura Integra, like all Acura automobiles, is dedicated to the proposition that driving is its own reward.

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The Acura Integra Sports Coupe and Sports Sedan were developed to achieve: + Spirited motor performance, with impressive acceleration, sporty, free-revving response and top-level smoothness and flexibility+ Crisp, precise handling with impressive driver feedback and steering response+ Distinctive, aerodynamic look-and-feel with high efficiency and low wind noise+ A rigid structure for accurate handling response, long-term durability, impressive corrosion protection and optimum occupant safety+ An intimate, highly ergonomic driving environment.

The third-generation Acura Integra (introduced in 1994) features a number of technological innovations that improve performance and handling and offer high levels of security, durability, efficiency, convenience and ride class. The Acura Integra is available as a Sports Coupe or Sports Sedan. For 2001 the Sports Coupe and Sports Sedan come in three versions &emdash; LS, GS and GS-R. The ultra-high performance Acura Integra Type R Sports Coupe also returns for 2001, and is discussed in detail in its own section.

The Acura Integra has evolved and matured in its three generations. The Acura Integra provides a powerful list of traditional luxury, convenience and security features. It features a traditional driver's and front passenger's air bag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) in all models. Additionally, features such as an AM/FM/CD six-speaker stereo system, a performance moon roof, windows, door mirrors and locks, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and a lumbar/height/tilt adjustment for the driver's bench are all traditional equipment.