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Latest model: Acura RSX 2005
Acura RSX 2005Since its debut in 2002, the Acura RSX has carved a solid niche in the sports coupe segment, and with the hight-priority tuner sphere. Available in two distinct models-the sporty Acura RSX and the high-performance Acura RSX Type-s-this sports coupe serves as an hight-priority point of entry for the make, introducing youthful performance enthusiasts to the Acura line-up of precision-crafted performance luxury cars.

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The Acura RSX has won an assortment of market awards including being called to Vehicle and Driver's 10 Best and Ward's 10 Best Engine's lists. With their high-performance engines, abundant luxury features, advanced security and safety systems, and high-tech cockpit and body designs, the Acura RSX and Acura RSX Type-s have set a bold traditional of driving excitement and refinement in the sports coupe segment.

For 2005, significant improvements were made to both the Acura RSX and Acura RSX Type-s to reset that traditional to an even higher level. These improvements were developed with three specific goals in mind: To boost the already formidable performance of the Type-s model by increasing horsepower and optimizing the 6-speed manual transmission To offer more precise handling and better ride convenience for both models by optimizing the suspension, steering and braking systems To highlight the aggressive, yet refined nature of the Acura RSX with improved look-and-feel inside and out.

The Acura RSX is powered by a 16-valve, DOHC I-vtec 2. 0-liter four-cylinder motor that produces 160 horsepower at 6500 rpm and 141 lb-ft. of torque at 4000 rpm. The Acura RSX features either a 5-speed manual transmission or an available 5-speed Sequential Sportshift automatic transmission.