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Latest model: Alfa Romeo Brera S 2009
Alfa Romeo Brera S 2009Few sports vehicles are designed specifically for Britain's roads. Those that have been tend to become true 'driver's cars'. Alfa Romeo is planning for the new, limited edition Alfa Romeo Brera S to join those ranks.

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After a year of intensive suspension and chassis development at Prodrive, the world-leading motorsport specialist, the result is a sports coupe that subtly enhances all that is good about the original Alfa Romeo Brera, while bestowing it with impressive driver feedback and handling.

Distinctly various from the rest of the line-up, this original addition to Alfa Romeo's UK range contains refined look-and-feel changes, inside and out. And to ensure ultimate exclusivity, production of the Alfa Romeo Brera S will be limited to just 500 individually numbered models.

Performance comes from a choice of two existing direct injection petrol engines - the 185 bhp 2. 2 JTS and the 260 bhp 3. 2 V6 JTS.