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Latest model: Aston Martin Rapide 2010
Aston Martin Rapide 2010Aston Martin Rapide, one of the most eagerly awaited vehicles of 2009, was represented at the 63rd Frankfurt Motorshow. The elegant Aston Martin Rapide, functional yet premium, offers room for up to four adults combined with an engaging driving experience synonymous with all Aston Martins.

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As the marque's first production 4-door sports vehicle, Aston Martin Rapide encapsulates core values of Performance, Beauty and Soul; four 'swan wing' doors offer access to cosseting sports seatings both front and back bestowing occupants with ample accommodation. A 301 litre luggage compartment affords generous room for belongings for all four passengers whether they be sports bags or indeed, sets of skis, creating an Aston Martin which can be enjoyed on any occasion, anytime, anywhere.

Aston Martin Rapide's back environment has been intelligently packaged to create a room where passengers feel a part of the driving experience with clear views to the front and sides. Convenience and support is supplied in the form of two hand trimmed individual seatings and a personal face-level heating and climate control system. Aiding the practicalities of everyday use, the luggage compartment features a movable bulkhead to permit access from the back cab while the back seatings fold flat at the touch of a control to create a flat loading room increasing the luggage compartment from 301 litres to 750 litres.

At the heart of each Aston Martin lies an evocative motor providing effortless performance and torque: Aston Martin Rapide features a hand-built 6. 0-litre V12 motor producing 470 bhp (477 PS / 350 Kw) with peak performance being provided at 6000 rpm and 600 Nm (443 lbft) peak torque at 5000 rpm. A specifically tuned six-speed Touchtronic 2 automatic transmission features as traditional, enabling the driver to change gear automatically or manually via the steering column-mounted magnesium paddles.