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Latest model: Audi Q3 2012
Audi Q3 2012Audi is venturing into a new sphere segment: The Audi Q3 is a luxury SUV in a compact-class form. It is sporty, efficient and versatile - a car that is equally convenient on or off the road. Each parameter of the Audi Q3 showcases Audi technology - the body, the drivetrain, the chassis and the assistance and multimedia systems. Many of its solutions are straight from the luxury class.

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The Audi Q3 is immediately recognizable as the youngest member of the big Audi family. The coupe-like lines are an expression of its sporty character. Sharp edges frame elegantly arched sheet metal surfaces, and distinctive lights accentuate the front and back. The wedge-shaped headlights are optionally available with xenon plus units and LED daytime running lights, which Audi also features with LED tail lights.

The low roof line, which begins dropping rather early, and the very flat D-pillars underscore the dynamics of the Audi Q3. Add-on parts are available in a number of variants - buyers can select between black, anthracite or the body color. There is also a choice of two look packages.

The base version of the Audi Q3, which will be available somewhat later, weighs 1445, kilograms (3186, lb). Its rigid, secure and quiet occupant cell integrates a number of ultra-high-strength steels. Both the motor hood and the tailgate are made of aluminum. As is typical of the Q models from Audi, the undivided tail lights are integrated into the tailgate, which wraps around the cornerstones. At just 0. 32, the coefficient of drag is unusually low. The compact SUV is 4. 39 meters (14. 40 ft) long, 1. 83 meters (6. 00 ft) wide and 1. 59 meters (5. 22 ft) high.