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Latest model: Audi RS5 2012
Audi RS5 2012The Audi RS5 Coupé is the star athlete of the A5 family. It provides the performance and handling of a comprehensive sports vehicle packaged in the body of an alluringly elegant coupe. The layout has now gained several new, sharp accents, with numerous features that characterize the other A5 models also making their way to the Audi RS5.

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The Audi RS5 Coupé uses a high-revving, normally aspirated V8 displacing 4163, cc. This motor is closely related to the V10 that powers the R8 high-performance sports vehicle. The 4. 2 FSI provides 331 Kw (450 hp) at 8250, rpm, with the peak torque of 430 Nm (317. 15 lb-ft) available between 4000, and 6000, rpm. The motor has a specific output of 108. 1 hp per liter of displacement. The potent response, the eager revving and the rich, melodious audio mark the V8 as a thoroughbred racing motor.

Hand-built at the plant in Györ, Hungary, the 4. 2 FSI launches the Coupé from zero to 100 km/h (62. 14 mph) in 4. 6 seconds. Audi will increase the electronically governed top speed from 250 to 280 km/h (155. 34 to 173. 98 mph) upon request. due to the mix of technologies from the Audi modular efficiency platform, which also contains a recuperation system, the innovative V8 consumes significantly less fuel on average than its direct rivals.

With its high efficiency and its long top gear, the traditional seven-speed S tronic also contributes to the good fuel efficiency. Drivers can let the lightning-fast dual-clutch transmission shift automatically or change gears themselves using the selector lever or with paddles on the helm. The integrated release control program offers for rocket-like starts by managing the engagement of the clutch at mid-level revs.