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Latest model: Audi TT RS Roadster 2010
Audi TT RS Roadster 2010Audi is once again producing a five-cylinder motor - and a very special one at that. Arriving at dealers this summer, the Audi TT RS has a turbocharged 2. 5-liter motor with direct gasoline injection; it produces 250 Kw (340 bhp) and 450 Nm (331. 90 lb. -ft. ) of torque. The blazing five-cylinder motor allows the Audi TT RS to perform extraordinary feats. In conjunction with quattro permanent all-wheel drive and a high-performance chassis, the motor makes the compact Audi TT RS a top-notch sports vehicle - available as a coupé or roadster.

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Sporty five-cylinder gasoline engines have a long legacy at Audi. The most famous is arguably the turbocharged 2. 1-liter motor in the Audi quattro. The first version, which was launched in 1980, provided an cool 147 Kw (200 bhp). And the Audi Sport quattro from 1984, directly inspired by motorsport, provided a whopping 225 Kw (306 bhp). For 25 years, turbochargers and quattro have been a dynamic formula for success.

Audi has resumed using this recipe. Developed from scratch, the five-cylinder motor features a turbocharger with FSI direct gasoline injection to elevate the Audi TT RS to a high-performance sports vehicle. The TFSI provides 250 Kw (340 bhp) from a displacement of 2480, cc (151. 34 cu in): a specific output of 100. 8 Kw (137. 1 bhp) per liter.

The power-to-weight ratio is also impressive. In the case of the Coupé, which weighs in at a mere 1450, kilograms (3196,. 70 pounds), the power-to-weight ratio is just 4. 3 kilograms per bhp. The Audi TT RS Roadster has a weight of 1510, kilograms (3328,. 98 pounds) and a power-to-weight ratio of 4. 4 kilograms per bhp - due to its extremely lightweight and largely aluminum body constructed as per the Audi Room Frame principle.