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Latest model: BMW 635d Coupe 2008
BMW 635d Coupe 2008Featuring highly appealing modifications to their characteristic layout, an dashboard further refined in many details and boasting new color highlights, as well as innovations in drive technology and driver assistance and security systems, the new BMW 6 Series Coupe and the BMW 6 Series Convertible provide a greater thrill and more style than ever before.

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Indeed, via their looks and style, combined with cutting-edge technology, both models are authentic representations of the classic Grand Touring automobile featuring modern highlights together with classic qualities.

Brilliant performance is provided by the eight-cylinder performance unit featured in the BMW 650i Coupe and the BMW 650i Convertible. Developing 360 hp from an motor capacity of 4. 8 liters, this performance unit enables truly dynamic performance combined with incomparable smoothness and refinement.

The new six-speed automatic sports transmission is intended perfectly to the character of the BMW 6 Series, combining convenient cruising with the feature at any time to use the full performance and muscle of the motor for all-out acceleration and driving dynamics.