BMW H2R alternatives

Latest model: BMW H2R 2005
BMW H2R 2005Sleek and aerodynamic, the BMW H2R ("hydrogen Record Car") is one of the first of a new breed of racecars specially adapted to run on liquid hydrogen fuel. Conceived and designed in just 10 months, it has already set nine international speed records at the Miramas Proving Grounds in France.

BMW H2R details:

The BMW H2r’s 6. 0-liter V-12 motor, which draws on BMW's advanced Valvetronic and Double-vanos technology, is based on the 760i’s gasoline-fueled powerplant. This H2-powered high performer generates 232 horsepower, helping it to achieve a top speed of over 187 mph.

On the high-speed track at Miramas the BMW H2R set nine international and Fia-ratified records with hydrogen combustion engines.

- Maximum speed: 300. 175 km/h- Engine: twelve-cylinder hydrogen concept engine- Nominal motor power: 210 Kw / 282 bhp- Bodyshell: aluminium room frame structure- Outer shell: carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic- Car dimensions: 5. 40m long, 2. 01m wide, 1. 34m high- Car weight including driver: 1560, kg- Drag coefficient (cw): 0.