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Latest model: BMW X1 xDrive28i 2011
BMW X1 xDrive28i 2011With its comprehensive, sporty and elegant look-and-feel, supreme agility, premium functionality and high-tech equipment features, the BMW X1 is a trailblazer in the luxury compact segment in terms of driving pleasure. Yet again luxury carmaker BMW has successfully transplanted the BMW X model concept to a new car segment to create a original offering. Now the BMW X1 is breaking new ground, this time in terms of the BMW Efficientdynamics programme. The new BMW X1 Xdrive28i is the brand's first four-cylinder petrol model with BMW Twinpower Turbo technology, which comprises High Precision Injection direct petrol injection, a charge system based on the twin-scroll principle, Double-vanos variable camshaft timing and VALVETRONIC variable valve control.

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BMW has timed the introduction of this technology suite in the new BMW X1 Xdrive28i to coincide with the release of a new generation of BMW 2. 0-litre petrol engines. The new 180 Kw/245 hp powerplant features a performance and torque update over the previous motor with substantially reduced fuel consumption and emissions. This twofold improvement is reflected in some cool performance specifications. The 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) sprint time is 6. 1 seconds (automatic: 6. 5 seconds), an improvement of 0. 7 seconds (automatic: 0. 3 seconds) over the previous model, which was only available as an automatic. At the same time, average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle has been cut by 16 per cent to 7. 9 litres/100 km (35. 7 mpg imp), with CO2 emissions of 183 grams per kilometre.

The new BMW X1 Xdrive28i comes with a six-speed manual transmission as traditional. The standard-fitted BMW Efficientdynamics technology contains - amongst other features - Brake Energy Regeneration, an Optimum Shift Indicator, the Auto Start-stop function and on-demand control of optional units. An auxillary eight-speed automatic version is also available. due to its exceptionally high internal efficiency, models with this transmission provide identical fuel consumption and emissions performance to those with the manual version.

As traditional specification, the new BMW X1 Xdrive28i is equipped with the BMW Xdrive all-wheel-drive system, whose electronically controlled multi-plate clutch continuously varies the drive performance split between the front and back axles. The intelligent all-wheel-drive system is integrated with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and responds rapidly to the first signs of oversteer or understeer. The result is enhanced traction in slippery conditions or away from surfaced roads, and enhanced cornering dynamics. Xdrive is calibrated for optimised driving dynamics, which results in precise steering response when cornering. Additionally, the auxillary Performance Control system can be specified, which matches the drive torque at the back wheels to driving conditions for even more agile performance.