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Latest model: Bentley Azure T 2009
Bentley Azure T 2009Stylish and comprehensive, the new Bentley Azure T is the world's most elegant convertible and destined to become a future classic. With original Bentley 'T' look-and-feel cues reinforcing its sporting stance, the 500bhp Bentley Azure T provides driver-focused performance with the ability to transport four adults in first-class, open-top luxury.

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The Bentley Azure T, specified with the high performance version of Crewe's iconic 6¾ litre V8 motor, is the latest in a line of Bentley models to bear the 'T' legend. The 1996 Continental coupe was the first modern Bentley 'T', followed in 2002 by the Arnage T, both main models with a distinctive sporting character and thunderous performance.

The Bentley Azure's already striking form is now improved by 20-inch 5-spoke wheels and tyres, 'le Mans' front wing vents, dark tint matrix grille and a sculpted, retractable Flying 'B' mascot.

For the performance-oriented Bentley Azure T, the twin-turbocharged V8 motor produces 500bhp and 1000 Nm of torque - an 11 per cent increase in performance and a 14 per cent increase in torque over its 450bhp/875 Nm Bentley Azure stable mate.