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Latest model: Bentley Brooklands 2008
Bentley Brooklands 2008The Bentley Brooklands is a stunning new model that marks the company's return to the luxury coupé sphere and reaffirms its reputation as creator of the world's most exclusive coupés. It is the ultimate Bentley: a stylish, four-seat, grand touring coupe with classic British proportions and muscular performance.

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Bentley's chairman Dr Franz-josef Paefgen describes the motivation behind the new coupé: Bentley's proud sporting pedigree, forged by the exploits of the immortal 'bentley Boys' on the famous Bentley Brooklands racetrack in the 1920s, was the inspiration for our new coupé, capturing all the style, performance and splendour of that era.

Sporting layout cues are matched by the phenomenal performance engineering of Bentley's legendary Crewe-built V8 motor. The new Bentley Brooklands possesses the most comprehensive V8 the company has ever manufactured - a 530bhp, twin-turbocharged 6. 75-litre unit that also produces a prodigious 1050nm of torque.

Every Bentley Brooklands coupé will be hand-assembled, employing conventional coach-building techniques and the craftsmanship skills in wood veneer and leather hide for which Bentley is renowned. To ensure exclusivity, lifetime production will be strictly limited to just 550 vehicles, with deliveries expected to start in the first half of 2008.