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Latest model: Bentley Continental GT 2012
Bentley Continental GT 2012For Crewe's layout and engineering teams, the new Bentley Continental GT coupe is an opportunity to set a bold and impressive direction for one of Bentley's most revered names - the Continental. The seminal and highly successful Bentley Continental GT presented in 2003 represented the first step in Bentley's renaissance and defined a whole new sphere segment. It was a luxury GT product impressive usability that remained true to the Bentley grand touring spirit.

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Now the new Bentley Continental GT 4-seat coupe builds on the success of its iconic predecessor, capturing that GT spirit but with even higher standards of layout, engineering, luxury, craftsmanship, dynamic performance, everyday practicality and refinement.

A beautifully sculptured new body gives the Bentley Continental GT coupe an even crisper, more defined look. The contemporary dashboard provides new levels of cab layout, convenience and hand-crafted luxury. The seatings, i.e., offer even greater support and back leg-room; a sweeping dash even more style and modernity. The new touchscreen infotainment system features state-of-the-art navigation, Google Maps and entertainment while the latest Balanced Mode Radiator speaker technology and Dirac Dimensions digital audio processing deliver improved stereo class.

Bentley's acclaimed 6-litre, 12-cylinder, twin-turbocharged powertrain now has a raised performance output of 575PS (567bhp/423kw) and 700nm (516lb ft) of torque and this is mated to a new Quickshift transmission which allows double downshifts. due to advanced Flexfuel technology it can also run on both traditional unleaded petrol (gasoline) and sustainable bioethanol (up to E85) or any combination of the two.