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Latest model: Bentley Mulsanne 2011
Bentley Mulsanne 2011While paying homage to past Bentley greats, the brief for the new Bentley Mulsanne layout and engineering teams was to create a Bentley that introduces the pinnacle of British luxury motoring.

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The new Bentley Mulsanne, developed and engineered at Crewe from the ground-up, reaffirms the marque's intent to create a new main Bentley with refined performance, unparalleled levels of dashboard luxury and coach building skills to the fore.

The return of the Bentley Mulsanne name underlines Bentley's sporting heritage and passion for performance and speed. Nothing reflects that prowess better than the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours, a race that Bentley has won on six occasions, where its comprehensive and robust race vehicles thundered down the long Le Mans straight into the famous Bentley Mulsanne corner, from which the new model takes its name.

The layout of the new Bentley Mulsanne is a original fusion of sportiness, coachbuilt elegance and solidity. Echoing the Bentley S-type of the 1950s, the Bentley Mulsanne features a bold frontal layout dominated by the conventional Bentley matrix grille and highly prominent, classic round inner headlamps with chrome surrounds, flanked by two, smaller outboard lamp clusters, all featuring the latest in lighting technology. The iconic 'flying B' retractable radiator mascot is available as an feature.