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Latest model: Cadillac SRX 2012
Cadillac SRX 2012A new 3. 6L V-6 - the segment's most comprehensive traditional motor - headlines upgrades to the 2012 Cadillac SRX. It enhances a mix of performance, technology and refinement that is resonating with more luxury crossover buyers.

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Cadillac SRX retail sales rose 17. 7 percent in the first half of 2011, building on a record-setting 2010 sales increase of 150 percent.

The new 3. 6L - known by its LFX motor code - is the sole motor provided in the Cadillac SRX. It provides 16-percent more horsepower (308 hp / 230 Kw) than the previous V-6 and offers greater low-rpm torque. Car responsiveness is dramatically enhanced in all operating conditions - release from a standstill, around town maneuvering in traffic, passing maneuvers and full-throttle acceleration. It is matched with the Hydra-matic 6T70 six-speed automatic transmission, which features a driver-selectable Eco option that alters the shift points and throttle progression to help optimize fuel efficiency.

Cadillac SRX also brings improved features for 2012, as well as upgrades that make it quieter and more refined - including new sound-absorbing fabric placed strategically throughout the car. The Base and Sport suspension systems have been updated to enhance the ride class.