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Latest model: Chevrolet Orlando 2012
Chevrolet Orlando 2012A thousand things to do in a day. Fun, entertainment and relaxation for family and friends. That's the vacation spirit Chevrolet has packed into its first ever European MPV. Like the Chevrolet models recently launched in other sphere sectors, it doesn't follow convention. Chevrolet Orlando's layout - part MPV, part crossover - breaks the rules of a historically conservative segment; it makes a statement and stands out from the crowd.

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Chevrolet's new compact MPV brings swagger to the segment by adopting a bolder exterior with its low roofline and crossover inspired silhouette, while retaining the distinctive and recognizable Chevrolet 'face' depicted by the split radiator grille and bow-tie badge.

Based on the show vehicle concept first seen in 2008, the Chevrolet Orlando is nevertheless a true family vehicle for the times, combining 7-seater practicality, dashboard flexibility and generous load room.

We're confident the Chevrolet Orlando not only brings great value for money to the MPV class but at the same time something fresh - a certain function with attitude, as we put it, says Wayne Brannon, president and managing director of Chevrolet Europe. I believe it will also bring more new buyers to the Chevrolet make.