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Latest model: Chevrolet Traverse 2009
Chevrolet Traverse 2009The 2009 Chevrolet Traverse provides a reliable and satisfying mix of performance, efficiency, ride and security. The driving experience is supported by a sophisticated, 3. 6L DOHC V-6 that features variable valve timing and gasoline direct-injection technology. It is developed to offer impressive performance and efficiency that translates to usable, power-on-demand performance and what is expected to be the best highway fuel efficiency in the segment.

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The motor is backed by a fuel-saving six-speed automatic transmission that channels performance to a responsive, four-wheel independent suspension.

Traverse provides a win-win for customers: It is expected to have the best fuel efficiency in the segment, along with the most performance, explained Ed Peper, Chevrolet basic manager. With its great looks and impressive driving characteristics, it's a car that buyers will love to drive.

The 3. 6L engine's direct-injection technology helps produce performance alike to many V-8 engines and uses regular unleaded gasoline. The Chevrolet Traverse is rated at an estimated 286 horsepower (213 Kw) and 255 lb. -ft. of torque (345 Nm) with dual exhaust (281 hp/210 Kw and 253 lb. -ft. /343 Nm with single exhaust) - but provides better-than-expected fuel efficiency. Ninety percent of the engine's peak torque is available from about 2500, rpm to more than 6000, rpm.