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Latest model: Citroen C-Crosser 2007
Citroen C-Crosser 2007Citroen has announced first details of its impressive new Sports Utility Car (SUV), that is set to add an extra dimension to the French manufacturer's range when it goes on sale in Europe from summer 2007. The versatile Citroen C-crosser boasts four-wheel drive capability, exceptional levels of room and convenience, as well as an advanced, economical Hdi diesel motor equipped with environmentally-friendly Diesel Particulate Filter System.

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Citroen C-Crosser details:

Taking its name from the four-wheel drive concept vehicle that Citroen first displayed at the 2001 Frankfurt Motor Show, the new Citroen C-crosser's elegant proportions (4. 64m long, 1. 81m wide and 1. 73m high including roof bars) and powerfully sculpted layout lines envelop sufficient dashboard room to bench up to seven passengers.

Immediately catching the eye, the Citroen C-crosser's reliable good looks are fronted by the dominant chevrons that stretch across the bonnet into the streamlined front headlamps, ensuring that it is instantly recognisable as a Citroen. A multiple-ribbed bonnet, chunky wheel arches, the smart use of chrome detailing and the sleek window lines further improve the Citroen C-crosser's dynamic look-and-feel.

The Citroen C-crosser will be available with Citroen's cool, new generation 156bhp 2. 2hdi motor mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. Capable of producing 380nm of torque this dieselpowerplant also boasts cool green credentials, product low fuel consumption, the ability to run on 30% bio-diesel and a Diesel Particulate Filter System that reduces particle emissions to virtually immeasurable levels.