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Latest model: Ferrari 550 Maranello 2001
Ferrari 550 Maranello 2001The Ferrari 550 Maranello is Ferrari's interpretation of a 21st Century 12-cylinder front-engined sports berlinetta.

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Technicians were given a particularly demanding brief: layout and create a vehicle able to meet the needs of Ferrari buyers seeking sensual driving and impressive performance without foregoing driveability or convenience. Ferrari buyers are attracted by state-of-the-art technical solutions from a company which has always treated layout as an aesthetic response to the demand for performance, and has always built its vehicles with sophisticated craftsmanship.

The Ferrari 550 Maranello offers superb response to each dynamic requirement, exceptional class of life on board, and look-and-feel efficiency that features an extremely modern concept with the best of Ferrari tradition. In short, it is the finest two-person GT vehicle available today.

Pininfarina developed the Ferrari 550 Maranello with features that announce this return to the classic front-engined berlinetta as a great sports vehicle. By adopting sober, functional cues consistent with current tastes and requirements, Pinifarina's bold understatement respects Ferrari's look-and-feel traditions.