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Latest model: Ferrari 575 GTZ Zagato 2006
Ferrari 575 GTZ Zagato 2006Yoshiyuki Hayashi is a famous Japanese vehicle collector, who owns numerous vehicles of great historical value, including several Ferraris such as the 166MM, the 250 Spider California, two Daytonas - a coupé and a spider - and the Ferrari Enzo.

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In the classic tradition of the keen purchaser of exclusive vehicles who stimulated the creativeness of Italian coachbuilders in the 1950s and 1960s, Yushiyuki Hayashi asked Zagato if it would be possible to create a body for his Ferrari 575M, in the style of the famous 250GTZ berlinetta.

When Zagato received this request, it informed Ferrari of the project, which would be a good opportunity to celebrate the model's anniversary, and then created a vehicle that harked rear to the 250 GTZ, built around the Ferrari 575.

Like its forebear, the Ferrari 575 GTZ Zagato has an all-aluminium body, and, as a tribute to Ferrari and to two-seater Italian sports vehicles, it has joined the exclusive group of vehicles that are the fruit of the tradition of custom-built vehicles.