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Latest model: Ferrari California 2009
Ferrari California 2009The Ferrari California made its official debut at the 2008 Paris Show after a series of special previews on the web and during two dedicated events staged in Maranello and Los Angeles at which it received a hugely enthusiastic reception.

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The Ferrari California is an exceptionally high-tech vehicle whose philosophy takes its inspiration from the spirit and emotions of one of the great Ferraris of the past, the 1957 250 Ferrari California, a superbly elegant open top vehicle developed for the track, which has, over the years, come to symbolise not only superior sportiness and performance but also exclusivity, craftsmanship and faultless sophistication.

This new vehicle joins Ferrari's 8-cylinder range which is made up mostly of very high performance models. It also flanks the 12-cylinder main Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in the Grand Tourer category. The Ferrari California is a vehicle with the track in its DNA. It is enormously high-tech and will more than fulfil the expectations of even our most discerning clients, product breathtaking driving pleasure and fun behind the wheel as well as extreme versatility of use and in-car convenience. It is available exclusively as a convertible with retractable folding hard top in either a two-seater version with a conventional back seat or in the 2+ version which sees the back seat equipped with seats for one to two passengers.

In line with Ferrari tradition, this model positively brims with high-tech features. additionally to its retractable hard top and the aforementioned original 2+ concept, the new Prancing Horse vehicle also offers: a new direct injection V8 motor, a 7-speed gearbox with helm-mounted F1-style paddles coupled with a new dual clutch, a new suspension system (double wishbones at the front and multilink at the rear), the new evolved F1-trac traction control system and Brembo brakes with CCM (carbon ceramic material) discs as traditional (this latter option is shared by the other models in the current range).