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Latest model: Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M 2009
Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M 2009The Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M has been created with the objective of bringing together superb performance and the pleasure of driving in the open air. The result is the best-performing spider ever created by Ferrari, a vehicle which evokes the emotions of the barchetta models that were the protagonists of the great multi-stage races of the 1950s. The car's technological solutions, make the most of the latest innovations in the 430 Ferrari Scuderia, derived from Formula 1, to guarantee uncompromising handling on the road. This is reflected in the name, which is also connected to Formula 1: a celebration of the 16 World Constructors' Titles Ferrari have won. The Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M is a marriage of performance and driving pleasure manufactured in a special, limited edition for only 499 passionate buyers.

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The Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M provides technological solutions that have already been tested on the 430 Ferrari Scuderia. It's an ultra-high-performance vehicle (0-100 km/h in 3. 7 seconds) developed for quickly, tight driving conditions with a set-up that highlights sports driving and that provides all the enjoyment of open-top driving in the F430 Spider. In tests at the Fiorano circuit the vehicle recorded lap times lower than any other Ferrari spider model developed for the road.

The Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M weighs 80 kg less than the F430 Spider (dry weight 1340 kg) and many details were updated and developed with this specific objective in mind. The most significant changes were made on the chassis and on the body, much use has been made of light materials and carbon fiber. All this has made it possible to achieve a first-in-class power-to-weight ratio of 5. 8 Lb/cv.

The Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16m's motor, like the 430 Ferrari Scuderia's, is an evolution of the F430's 4. 3-litre V8. It features a number of modifications developed to boost performance and raise specific performance to 118 Cv/l, equal to a total performance output of 510 CV, while complying with the strict limits on exhaust emissions established in the Euro4 and LEV2 standards.