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Latest model: Fisker Latigo CS 2006
Fisker Latigo CS 2006Uncompromising. Distinctive. Compelling. The BMW 6 Series 650ci Coupe offers the base car architecture for the FISKER LATIGO CS. Signature FISKER cues bring a new gravitas and balance to the luxury sports coupe - it is understated elegance at its best. As in the FISKER TRAMONTO, all electronic, telematic and security systems remain untouched from the original maker, and each original car feature is available.

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The FISKER LATIGO CS is currently nearing production status, so final technical details are still in flux. Motor specifications call for a traditional 32-valve, 4. 8-liter V8 pumping 367 horsepower, and an auxillary V10 that generates over 550 horsepower if you select a BMW M6 as your base architecture.

The LATIGO CS evidences signature Fisker style, with details that can only be done by hand. Hand craftsmanship is at the forefront of this coachbuild layout. Coachbuilding is an art form, explains Henrik Fisker, CEO FISKER COACHBUILD. We can deliver what many auto enthusiasts have been seeking - attention to detail which complements the already proven performance.

FISKER COACHBUILD operates with a hand-picked team of classic vehicle body builders, wheelers, panel beaters, wing makers, and fender manufacturers who are highly skilled in their work with aluminum, metal, stainless metal, carbon fiber and magnesium alloy. Henrik and I have a long, proven history of partnership in different capacities and companies, notes Bernhard Koehler, COO of FISKER COACHBUILD. That, combined with the talent, dedication and hard work of each member of our team, has enabled us to bring these vehicles to life in just 9 months.