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Latest model: Ford Excursion 2003
Ford Excursion 2003The Ford Excursion was the largest SUV in the Ford Motor Company lineup for the model years 2000-2005. Based on the Super Duty pickup truck platform, it provided big V8 (gasoline and diesel) and V10 (gasoline) engines, and seats for up to 9 passengers. It was developed to jack above the Ford Expedition and Ford Explorer in the company's SUV lineup. The Ford Excursion was developed to be classified as a heavy-duty car, as for commercial or rural use, which exempted the car from CAFE fuel efficiency regulations. The last Ford Excursion was manufactured on September 30, 2005, at Ford's Louisville plant. Production was cancelled after sales slumped below targets.

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Presented in 2000, it was initially criticized for being too big to fit in most home garages. It was longer than the Chevrolet Suburban & GMC Yukon XL, its chief rivals. Opponents also complained about its big weight, and poor fuel efficiency. Sales were initially good, but slowed as gasoline prices rose. In 2003, the 7. 3 L Powerstroke diesel was replaced with a more comprehensive, and yet more economical 6. 0L Powerstroke diesel. Market insiders expected Ford to stop producing the Ford Excursion, but sales continued via the 2005 model year, and production of the Ford Excursion finally ended in September 2005. It was not external criticism that killed the Ford Excursion - rather Ford needed to no-cost up capacity at the Louisville plant that produces the Super Duty pickup trucks. A more economical, extended-length Expedition, called the Expedition EL, is planned to replace the Ford Excursion in the company's lineup for the 2007 model year. The 2007 Lincoln Navigation system L will also be based on the same platform as the Expedition EL.

A 4-speed automatic transmission was traditional, with a 5-speed automatic presented in 2003. 2003 also saw the availability of an upmarket Eddie Bauer trim line. The grille was revised for 2005.

+ 7. 3 L Diesel V8, 235 hp-250 hp (2000-2003)+ 5. 4 L V8, 255 hp (2000-2005)+ 6. 8 L V10, 310 hp (2000-2005)+ 6. 0L Diesel V8, 325 hp (2003-2005).