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Latest model: Ford Expedition 2007
Ford Expedition 2007Many buyers demand the kind of capability for hauling people and trunk that can only come from a full-size SUV. The new 2007 Ford Expedition and all-new Ford Expedition EL extended length model deliver with a fresh layout and best-ever capability and convenience designed specifically for those core SUV buyers.

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Expedition's new layout, inspired by the best-selling Ford F-series truck, signals large enhancments in capability, functionality and toughness. And new levels of dashboard refinement, flexibility and quietness change the game in Ford Expedition's favor among discriminating full-size SUV buyers.

Full-size SUV consumers are, perhaps, the most demanding buyers of all, says Cisco Codina, Ford group vice president, Marketing, Sales and Service. They want uncompromised capability and unquestioned toughness, along with dashboard flexibility and refinement. The new Ford Expedition has been developed with original buyer appeal that makes it stand out in a competitive sphere.

For full-size SUV buyers who want even more cargo-carrying capability, Ford has extended its Ford Expedition lineup with the new 2007 Ford Expedition EL. With 14. 8 inches of add-on overall length, Ford Expedition EL provides 130. 8 cubbies of trunk room - including 24 cubbies more behind the third-row bench than the already roomy Ford Expedition. Ford Expedition EL rides on a 131-inch wheelbase - 12 inches longer than the traditional Ford Expedition - to preserve the base model's superior ride and handling. We lengthened the wheelbase on the Ford Expedition EL to add all that extra trunk capacity without compromising driving dynamics, says John Viera, Ford Expedition chief engineer.