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Latest model: Ford F-350 Super Duty 2008
Ford F-350 Super Duty 2008Ford F-series Super Duty, the industry's leading heavy-duty work truck and a mainstay of businesses throughout America, has been overhauled for the 2008 model year. Ford's Super Duty pickup has been the leader in the over 8500-pound, truck segment since release, product best-in-class payload, gross car weight ratings (gvolkswagenr) and trailer tow ratings. The new Super Duty, which will go on sale in early 2007, will help ensure that Ford Motor Company maintains its nearly 30 years of leadership in the pickup truck enterprise.

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Provided in three cabin styles - Regular Cabin, Supercab and Crew Cabin - and with two bed lengths, the new Super Duty will option a bold exterior inside and out, an all-new, more comprehensive, state-of-the-art Performance Stroke Diesel and a host of original, high-tech features not found on any other truck. And the line of Ford Super Duty trucks has been expanded for 2008, with an even more capable workhorse: the new F-450 pickup.

The F-450 pickup doesn't just raise the bar for heavy duty pickups, it tosses it out. Game over, explained Mark Fields, President of the Americas. Each parameter of the new line of Super Duty trucks, including capability improvements, layout changes and option innovations is uniquely developed after spending a great deal of time talking with - and listening to - our buyers.

Ford's Super Duty set the traditional in the over 8500-pound, truck segment when it was launched in 1998 as a 1999 model. Unlike rivals who simply modify their existing light-duty trucks, Super Duty utilizes its own original architecture, developed and designed specifically to meet the needs and demands of the over 8500-pound, truck buyer. This original approach, with two dedicated architectures, is just one reason why the Ford F-series has been America's best-selling truck for 29 years and why Super Duty has dominated its segment, outperforming and outselling the competition each year since release.