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Latest model: Ford Transit Connect Electric 2011
Ford Transit Connect Electric 2011Ford Motor Company represented the Ford Transit Connect Electric at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show and confirmed the zero-emissions small van will be in fleet operators' hands later in 2010.

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The 2011 Ford Transit Connect Electric will use a Force Drive electric powertrain produced and integrated by specialty upfitter Azure Dynamics.

Ford Transit Connect Electric exemplifies how we are leveraging our relationships as well as our hybrid and advanced powertrain programs to bring energy-efficient technologies from the laboratory to the street, explained Derrick Kuzak, Ford group vice president, Global Offering Development. Not only is this an perfect car for eco-conscious fleet operators, it is an hight-priority part of Ford's future.

additionally to the Ford Transit Connect Electric, Ford plans to bring three more electrified cars to sphere by 2012 - the Focus Electric in 2011, a plug-in hybrid electric car in 2012 and a next-generation hybrid in 2012.