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Latest model: GMC Acadia 2007
GMC Acadia 2007GMC announced the all-new 2007 GMC Acadia. It is Gmc's first crossover, delivering a smooth, responsive driving experience, athletic layout, a roomy dashboard and a powerful security suite to the fastest-growing car segment in the US.

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Acadia is a natural extension of the GMC make, explained John Larson, Pontiac-gmc basic manager. Its mix of smooth, responsive ride and handling and SUV versatility embodies Gmc's professional grade philosophy. GMC Acadia is a great looking car that will attract buyers who've never visited a GMC showroom.

The GMC Acadia is engineered to reflect Gmc's professional grade standards on a body-frame integral (BFI) structure that is reinforced with high-strength metal. It rides on a long wheelbase with wide tracks - a mix that lowers the center of gravity and allows agile, stable ride and handling.

Acadia 's driving reflexes are supported by independent front and back suspensions. The front suspension features a Macpherson strut layout, with a direct-acting stabilizer bar and aluminum steering knuckles. Isolated mounting points help reduce noise and vibration. The back suspension uses a compact, state-of-the-art linked H layout, which has an isolated mounting system that reduces noise and vibration transmitted to the passenger compartment.