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Latest model: GMC Terrain 2010
GMC Terrain 2010All-new 2010 GMC Terrain makes its world debut at the 2009 New York International Auto Show. The GMC Terrain is a five-passenger crossover SUV that blends bold look-and-feel with fuel economy and luxury features.

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The new GMC Terrain brings Gmc's history of innovation and engineering excellence into a smaller, economical suite for today's shopper, explained Susan Docherty, Buick-pontiac-gmc vice president. The capability attributes that make a car a GMC are ingrained in GMC Terrain, making it an attractive choice for existing conventional SUV buyers who are looking for distinctive look-and-feel and increased efficiency.

A new, 2. 4L four-cylinder motor that features direct injection is expected to deliver best-in-segment highway fuel efficiency of 30 mpg. Maximum fuel efficiency is achieved in part with an ECO mode that is activated via a console-mounted control. When engaged, it lowers the torque converter lockup speed to 1125, rpm to help save fuel on models equipped with the 2. 4L motor.

Also available will be a 3. 0L DOHC direct injected V-6 motor delivering an estimated 264 horsepower (197 Kw). Both engines are mated to efficiency-enhancing six-speed automatic transmissions and provide a refined, confident driving experience.