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Latest model: Honda FCX Clarity 2010
Honda FCX Clarity 2010The elegant form of the Honda FCX Honda Clarity sets it apart from everything else on the road and complements the rational, environmental reasons for driving a fuel cell eletric car. The sharp, dark chrome trim that runs from bumper to headlight draws the eyes toward the front wings, creating a comprehensive, dynamic exterior and a cool, clean, fantastic feel. The side mirrors add to the Honda FCX Honda Clarity's free-flowing cab. Mounted on slender arms that blend with the door moulding, they emphasise the elegant lines of the side windows, with the moulding embracing the mirror housing. The look door handles have a spare, clean exterior that accentuates the slender lines of the body. Reliable back wings reinforce the compact cab for a bold, sculpted exterior. The back glass and contoured layout of the back mix lamps emphasise the vehicle's wide, confident stance.

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An extra back window for more visibility control: looks great, enhances visibility, enables for a larger boot.

The most distinctive option of the new one-motion layout is found at the back of the Honda FCX Honda Clarity. To take advantage of the high-deck layout and improve back visibility, the vehicle is fitted with an extra window with visibility control-a option carefully developed to protect privacy. The back of the vehicle is set high to ensure good luggage volume, and windows are positioned in the upper boot lid and in the barrier behind the back bench to enable the driver to see into the boot.

A special polycarbonate layer is applied to both sides of the window to make transparency dependent on the angle of vision, protecting occupants' privacy. The result is impressive rearward visibility for the driver, with a high level of privacy for the rear-seat passengers.