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Latest model: Honda Insight 2012
Honda Insight 2012A significantly revised 2012 Honda Insight hybrid features new look look-and-feel, an improved dashboard, add-on features on select models and an EPA fuel efficiency-rating improvement of 1 mpg.

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The Honda Insight's city/highway/combined EPA fuel efficiency rating of 41/44/42 mpg, up from 40/43/41 on the prior model, continues to provide the highest EPA fuel efficiency rating of any new car currently available with a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price tag (MSRP) starting under $20000,.

The aerodynamically styled, five-passenger, 5-door dedicated hybrid car deserves extensive changes inside and out for 2012. Look changes include a more distinctive grille layout that introduces a thin, blue accent bar representative of the Honda Insight's innovative hybrid identity. Restyled front and back bumpers, along with changes under the car, contribute to a 2-percent increase in aerodynamic performance. New designs for the headlight and brake light internal reflectors further full the refreshed exterior. Honda Insight and Honda Insight LX models have new 15-inch wheel covers and the Honda Insight EX has newly styled 15-inch alloy wheels. Slightly wider 185/60R15 tires, up from 175/65R15 tires on the prior model, contribute to confident driving performance.

The Honda Insight's dashboard refinements for 2012 include a reconfigured back bench space for better leg and head room; a refactored gauge cluster background with a more technically sophisticated appearance; reshaped center-console beverage holders that accommodate larger drinks; and a more supportive front armrest (insight LX and EX).