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Latest model: Honda Jazz Hybrid 2011
Honda Jazz Hybrid 2011Honda's continuing commitment to petrol-electric hybrid technology. The release of the latest addition to the practical Honda Jazz line-up marks the first time a parallel hybrid car has been available to B-segment buyers. Importantly the Honda Jazz Hybrid will not lose any of its practicality, with the compact nature of the Honda IMA system enabling the B-segment vehicle to retain its ultra-flexible Magic Seats and 300 litres of boot room.

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The IMA battery pack and performance control unit have been integrated in the space under the boot floor, retaining the normal boot space and enabling the Magic Seats to fold in the same manner as non-hybrid versions. This means that the seatings still fold completely flat to offer a surprising 831 litre of room or the bench bases can be folded up to sit vertically, so as to accommodate tall items within the vehicle.

The IMA hybrid system is shared with the Insight and CR-Z hybrids, taking advantage of the proven reliability of this hight-priority technology. With almost two decades of development and 10 years of sales behind it, the Honda IMA system has proven itself to be a customizable and dependable system, with over half a million cars on the road benefitting from its mix of low emissions and fuel efficiency.

The new model features the same IMA system as in the Insight hybrid, using the same 1. 3 litre I-vtec motor as its dedicated hybrid model sibling. The IMA system is combined with a CVT gearbox in the Honda Jazz and with emissions of just 104 g/km of CO2 it has the lowest CO2 output of any automatic vehicle in the B-segment. As a petrol-electric hybrid, the new derivative has ultra-low levels of other exhaust emissions, not just taxable components.