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Latest model: Hummer H3T Alpha 2009
Hummer H3T Alpha 2009Hummer is bringing its unmistakable style and unmatched capability to the truck sphere with the 2009 Hummer H3T. It is based on the architecture of the well-known Hummer H3, but features a five-passenger crew cabin and a separate five-foot-long (1. 5 meters) bed.

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The Hummer H3T is bigger than a midsize truck and smaller than a full-size truck, creating its own niche in the sphere. It also is infused with the attributes expected of a Hummer, including exceptional off-road capability and a luxury dashboard that is as functional as it is convenient.

With its original size and Hummer traits, The Hummer H3T is perfect for the buyer who operates hard and plays harder, explained Martin Walsh, Hummer basic manager. It provides the mix of truck versatility and Hummer off-road prowess that provides buyers to the trail in style.

additionally to its segment-defying size, The Hummer H3T also stands apart from other trucks with its signature Hummer off-road capability. It is the only midsize truck to come traditional with full-time four-wheel drive, 32-inch tires and functional skid shields. It also is the only midsize truck to provide front and back locking differentials, as well as 33-inch tires. The V-8-powered Hummer H3T Alpha can tow up to 5900, pounds (2676, kg).