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Latest model: Hyundai Santa Fe 2010
Hyundai Santa Fe 2010A new world-beating motor, more equipment and a stylish new exterior - all at a lower price tag. The 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe looks too good to be true.

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But consumers looking for a large, practical family vehicle can stop pinching themselves, as Hyundai has confirmed the amazing news that its 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe will actually be cheaper than the vehicle it changes, despite a raft of enhancments.

The headline news is the Hyundai Santa Fe's world-class new powertrain, product an unrivalled mix of performance and economy. It means that the Hyundai Santa Fe is now comparable on price tag and emissions with Mpvs and estate vehicles, and comfortably powers ahead of SUV competitors.

Much more than a easy nip-and-tuck, the new Hyundai Santa Fe also benefits from subtly improved look look-and-feel and enhanced security. Despite this, Hyundai has actually managed to make the list price tag even more competitive - with obvious benefits to private consumers and company vehicle drivers alike.