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Latest model: Infiniti QX4 2003
Infiniti QX4 2003The Infiniti QX4 and the Nissan Terrano Regulus are mid-size luxury Suvs presented in 1997 as rebadged Nissan Pathfinders. It was launched a year after Acura's release of the SLX and Lexus's release of the larger LX 450, and it is Infiniti's first entry into Suvs. Also, it was launched the same time as the Mercedes-Benz M-class. The Infiniti QX4 was sold in the North American sphere, while the Nissan Terrano Regulus sold in Japan. Major differences between these cars and the Pathfinder include a more advanced four wheel drive system, a more upscale dashboard, and original look-and-feel. Although it is a luxury car, it is quite capable off-road thanks to its low range four wheel drive system and 8. 3 inches of ground clearance.

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The Infiniti QX4 received its first major update in 2001, increasing its performance from a relatively weak 168 hp (125 Kw) to a comparative 240 hp (179 Kw) motor. This redesign also gave the Infiniti QX4 an revised look and dashboard body style, including features such as a new dashboard , 17 in (423 mm) alloy wheels and xenon HID headlamps. In Japan, the Terrano Regulus shortened its name to Terrano and was restyled like the Pathfinder instead.

Nissan dropped the Infiniti QX4 after the 2003 model year, and replaced it with 2 crossovers (the Infiniti FX (which would be the Infiniti Qx4's proper successor), and the full-size U. -built Infiniti QX56, based on the Nissan Armada), although they are both are larger than the Infiniti QX4.