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Latest model: Jaguar XJ 2012
Jaguar XJ 2012The original Jaguar XJ was the last vehicle developed by Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons and the latest vehicle to wear the nameplate is as high-tech, beautiful and desirable as its famous forebear.

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Revolutionary, not evolutionary, the Jaguar XJ is truly a offering of the 21st century and is the clearest indication yet of the singular sense of purpose behind Layout Director Ian Callum's vision for the future of Jaguar.

The original full-length panoramic glass roof that floods the cab with natural light enables the Jaguar XJ to provide an unrivalled sense of spaciousness and occasion for driver and passengers and at the same time retain the sleek coupé-like profile and lithe stance for which Jaguars are famous.

The mould- breaking look-and-feel is matched by similarly cool construction techniques pioneered by Jaguar. The lightweight aluminium structure - 50 percent of which is made from recycled materials - provides enhanced fuel consumption and reduced emissions. In conjunction with a lifecycle approach to layout and manufacture this enables the Jaguar XJ to minimise its carbon footprint.