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Latest model: Jeep Commander 4x4 Limited 5.7 HEMI 2006
Jeep Commander 4x4 Limited 5.7 HEMI 2006The Jeep Commander is a mid-sized SUV presented in 2006. It was first presented at the 2005 New York Auto Show. It is a 7-passenger SUV and is just 2 inches longer than the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has much more boxy look-and-feel, with an upright windshield and squared-off sides. The roof is stepped for the second and third-row seatings (which are mounted higher than the first-row seats), but is disguised, as on the GMC Envoy XL, by a roof rack. It also features three moonroofs.

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Jeep is the third company to produce a car named the Jeep Commander, after the Studebaker Jeep Commander and the Scammell Jeep Commander.

Supposedly, the Jeep Wagoneer was the Jeep Commander's initial inspiration, this may be evident as its look resembles the look-and-feel. Although its layout is very square-like, the Jeep Commander's general platform is based off of the third generation Grand Cherokee.

The Jeep Commander provides a base V6 motor with two auxillary V8s including the new Hemi:3. 7 L Powertech V64. 7 L Powertech V85. 7 L Hemi V8.