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Latest model: Kia Carens 2007
Kia Carens 2007Kia's ability to develop high-tech new vehicles that exterior beyond the obvious is given no-cost rein in the Kia Carens. Styled with a hint of SUV attitude, but exhibiting all the versatility and practicality of the most modern compact Mpvs, it appeals to families and active couples; private and fleet users alike.

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The Kia Carens is available with either five or seven seatings, using the same platform as the Magentis saloon. It is roomy, convenient, refined, secure and built to the highest class standards.

With seven-seaters taking an increasingly greater share of sales in this traditionally five-seat sector, Kia's layout team has inventively created two vehicles out of one. It is therefore able to satisfy all consumers without the need to produce models with various wheelbases, like some rivals.

This has partially been made possible by the ingenious way the fuel tank is mounted as an integral member of the back subframe and suspension assembly, permitting a low floor, simple access and more 3rd row cab room.