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Latest model: Kia Sportage 2011
Kia Sportage 2011With a new bodyshell, new engines and fresh, bold look-and-feel that introduces a new kind of dynamic aesthetics, the latest Kia Sportage is an urban-friendly compact SUV for today's families - consuming less fuel and emitting less CO2.

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Longer, wider and lower than the previous model - by 90 mm, 15 mm and 60 mm respectively - the all-new layout successfully retains the key SUV features - a commanding driving position, heightened sense of safety and comprehensive road presence - that made the second-generation Kia Sportage so well-known.

The second-generation Kia Sportage was presented in 2004 and marked a tremendous step forward for Kia. Over the next six years, it attracted thousands of new buyers to Kia, and achieved global sales of more than 860000, units - including 150000, units in Western Europe.

Now, under the direction of Kia's Chief Layout Officer Peter Schreyer, the Kia layout teams have created a third-generation Kia Sportage incorporating Kia's new layout DNA and many features from the 2007 Kia Kue concept vehicle, to be immediately identifiable and to stand out from potential competitors in an increasingly crowded segment.