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Latest model: Lexus ES 300 2003
Lexus ES 300 2003Although unremarkable in styling and personality, the Lexus ES 300 occupied an important place in the Lexus lineup during its 12-year run from 1992-2003. While the company's high-tech LS flagship enjoyed greater fame, the relatively affordable ES sedan was the car most consumers test-drove when they arrived at Lexus dealerships.

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It was the epitome of the entry-level luxury sedan - and the sustained success of the Lexus brand likely has much to do with all the good first impressions the ES 300 made.

While Lexus sold three generations of the ES 300, those initial impressions remained remarkably consistent: Pick any year and you'd find a roomy, well-built midsize sedan that felt uncommonly luxurious for its price point. A quick drive would have revealed an astonishingly serene cabin, a supple ride quality and a refined, if uninspiring drivetrain. As such, the Lexus ES was close to the ideal car for harried commuters pulling down a comfortable salary. When it turned out to be extremely reliable as well, the ES 300's reputation as a low-maintenance entry-luxury sedan was assured.