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Latest model: Lexus LS 430 2004
Lexus LS 430 2004The Lexus LS (sold as the Toyota Celsior in Japan, Australia, and some other countries. ) is a V8-powered, back wheel drive luxury vehicle that serves as the main of Toyota's luxury Lexus division.

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The UF10 I LS 400 was manufactured from 1989 to 1994. The model presented the Lexus nameplate to the US, and soon after won critical acclaim, becoming Wheels magazine's Vehicle of the Year and earning a place on Vehicle and Driver magazine's Ten Best list for 1990. The LS 400 was initially tailored to be presented as a standalone model for Lexus, but ultimately was sold alongside the ES 250, an entry-level luxury vehicle that was based on the Toyota Camry.

For the 1993 model year, the LS 400 (now designated as the UF10 II) was presented with larger brake rotors, traditional passenger's side front airbags, larger wheels and tires, and numerous other upgrades.

Presented in 1995, the UF20 III LS 400 was an evolutionary redesign of the LS and featured a new body that eliminated 300 lb from the previous vehicle. The wheelbase was increased by 1. 4 in, resulting in more dashboard and cargo room, yet the overall length of the vehicle remained at 196. 7 in. The durability of the brake system was enhanced as well.