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Latest model: Lexus LX 470 2003
Lexus LX 470 2003The Lexus LX is a full-size luxury sport utility car sold by the Lexus division of Toyota. Also, it was Lexus's first SUV. It has a 4. 7-liter, four-cam V8 motor with four valves per cylinder. The LX has a welded metal body and a capacity to bench eight passengers. The LX replaced the Toyota Land Cruiser for the Canadian sphere, because most automobile companies (except for GM, Ford and Chrysler) could not sell rebadged models in Canada, the real reason being that large expensive Suvs do not fare well with Canada. Thus, having a Land Cruiser and Lexus LX470 in the same sphere makes matters worse.

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Lexus LX 470 details:

The Lexus LX470 shares the same floorplan and most body panels with the Toyota Land Cruiser. The current Lexus LX470 differs from the Land Cruiser only in its front optics and a more premium dashboard.

Recently, Toyota made it clear that the next LX will be completely various from the Land Cruiser. Because there isn't room for two alike Suvs in the North American sphere. The Lx's repalcement will most likely be smaller but more premium than the upcoming Land Cruiser. Hence directly competing with the Range Rover.

For the 2003 model year, the Lexus LX470 received an dashboard refesh, new grille, refactored wheel rims and a 5-speed gearbox (an update from the previous 4-speed gearbox).