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Latest model: Lexus SC 430 2010
Lexus SC 430 2010Lexus adds dashboard technology and look improvements to the 2010 Lexus SC 430, the pioneer of the retractable hardtop in the prestige luxury segment. To create on the driving experience, the 2010 SC is now equipped with an revised Lexus navigator and Mark Levinson Luxury Stereo System. The improved stereo suite now features Ipod/usb connectivity, optional stereo input, Bluetooth hands no-cost phone and audio streaming features, and an available XM radio receiver (complimentary 90-day trial subscription). On the look, the 2010 SC is now outfitted with 18-inch six-spoke wheels with a dark finish, side mirrors with integrated puddle lamps, and Costa Azul Mica is a newly available look color.

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Lexus SC 430 details:

The rear-wheel-drive Lexus SC 430 is powered by an aluminum double-overhead cam (DOHC) 4. 3-liter V8 motor that produces 288 horsepower and 317 lb. -ft. of peak torque. Performance is channeled via a six-speed automatic transmission, enabling the Lexus SC 430 to accelerate from zero-to-60 mph in just 5. 8 seconds.

The Lexus SC 430's V8 is the epitome of Lexus smoothness and graceful response. Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (vvt-i) enhances torque over a broad speed range. The Intuitive Powertrain Control operates with the Electronic Throttle Control to help smooth out acceleration from a standing start. The Lexus SC 430 meets Ultra-low Emissions Car II (ULEV II) certification.

The six-speed automatic transmission employs Shift Logic Control to respond to road grade and acceleration/deceleration activity, holding gears or downshifting on hills to help offer optimal motor performance or a braking effect. A manual sequential-shift option enables the driver to enjoy a more involved driving experience when desired.