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Latest model: Lincoln Navigator 2007
Lincoln Navigator 2007The Lincoln Navigation system serves as Lincoln's full-sized luxury SUV. The Lincoln Navigation system shares the same platform with the lesser Ford Expedition full-size SUV. Presented in 1998, the Lincoln Navigation system has proven extremely well-known, comprising 40% of the American luxury SUV sphere in 2001. It is the larger of the two truck-based Suvs manufactured by Lincoln in the early 2000s, the smaller being the Aviator (which becomes the MKX for 2007). While the current 2006 Lincoln Navigation system ranges in price tag from roughly $50140, to $67645, the new 2007 Lincoln Navigation system will option a price tag range of $52990, to $66545,. If customized, the Lincoln Navigator's price tag can range to well over $100000,.

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The 1998 Lincoln Navigation system presented the concept of the American luxury SUV, competing at first with only the Land Rover Range Rover. It was trimmed with leather, wood, and fine carpeting, but its humble pickup truck roots could be easily spotted. This didn't slow sales, though, upon introduction of the Lincoln Navigation system for the 1998 model year waiting lines for the Lincoln Navigation system formed. Rivals from Cadillac and GMC with the Denali Series rapidly followed. Much like the Cadillac Escalade, the Lincoln Navigation system found a spot with celebrities and the customized truck scene.

Upgrades came just one year later with a more comprehensive DOHC Intech motor and power-operated pedals. More luxury features appeared in 2000, including a satellite navigator and reverse sensing system as well as side impact airbags. No more major changes were made in 2001, and the Lincoln Navigation system was refactored after 2002.

The Lincoln Navigation system was revised in 2003, along with the Ford Expedition, on the new Ford U platform. The dashboard was also substantially updated to bring it up to the level expected by luxury consumers. Some ingenious features arrived with this redesign, including power-deployable running boards that deploy when a side door is opened, a performance liftgate, and a performance folding third row bench.