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Latest model: Lotus Elise 2011
Lotus Elise 2011The Lotus Elise revolutionised the sportscar sphere 14 years ago when the small lightweight agile 2-seat mid motor sportscar was presented. By ensuring that the Lotus Elise stuck rigidly to Lotus' core values of performance via light weight, the Lotus Elise was able to produce supercar performance with city vehicle economy.

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Making its debut at the 80th International Geneva Motorshow, the 2011 model year Lotus Elise introduces a number of changes and enhancments to maintain its class leading position.

The body of the new 2011 Lotus Elise is an evolution of the iconic Lotus Elise layout, retaining the character and style, while product a more planted, purposeful stance and a pure, contemporary exterior that links it to the Evora. As with all Lotus offering the layout is an impressive blend of exciting style and functional efficiency.

The new Lotus Elise body has a fresh sculptured front, including a new bumper, front clam and access panel that combine to give the Lotus Elise a wider exterior with more road presence.