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Latest model: Lotus Europa SE 2008
Lotus Europa SE 2008The new entry level Lotus Europa is priced at £27950, MSRP / 37500, with the range topping Lotus Europa SE available for a competitive £32995, MSRP / 41500, (euro prices are without taxes, delivery & other related costs).

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Lotus Europa details:

These new Lotus Europa variants have been developed and designed especially for European buyers and will be sold exclusively across Europe from June 2008. The Lotus Europa is now available to a larger target audience with the entry level vehicle providing a more accessible way to own a Lotus Europa and the SE developed to appeal to those who are even more style conscious and want increased levels of performance.

Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus plc commented: As the true driver will know, this Lotus Europa range, provides access to Lotus' original DNA for those who perceive the Elise and Exige as a little too uncompromising for everyday use.

The new Lotus Europa SE sits at the more refined end of the Lotus spectrum, providing a terrific combination of performance, agility and style, but incorporates Lotus's values and heritage. The Lotus Europa has a mid-mounted 2 litre turbo charged motor, tuned in the SE with an all new calibration to 225 PS and with 300 Nm of torque to provide effortless cruising capability. Even though the Lotus Europa is engineered with more relaxed driving characteristics it offers amazing performance, with 0-60 mph in the SE dispatched in 5. 5s (0-100 km/h in 5. 7s estimated) and the sprint to 100 mph (160 km/h) taking just 13. 0s (estimated). Given the legal opportunity to stretch its legs, the Lotus Europa SE will hit a top speed of 143 mph (estimated). The Lotus Europa now provides increased levels of convenience over the Elise and Exige whilst enhancing the focused driving experience that you would expect from a Lotus. These models are both equipped with race vehicle derived double wishbone suspension to give an exceptional driving feel with Lotus DNA.