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Latest model: Maserati Spyder 2005
Maserati Spyder 2005The main change is to the front bumper with a horizontally ribbed radiator grille fitted, one inspired by that mounted on the Quattroporte. It is one that reflects the 'family' feel of the range. The back bumper is also new. It is sportier and features wide air intakes shielded by a black, tight mesh grille.

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Maserati Spyder details:

The link with the Quattroporte is re-inforced in the Coupe' with the placing of the classic oval and arrow badge on the back side panels, as styled by Frua in 1963.

With the Year 05 model, the dashboard can be contrasted with various coloured leathers for the central zone of the seatings and dash, and the upper door panels. The instrumentation boasts new, sporty blue and white graphics that are easier to read. The seven spoke rims are now traditional while the fifteen spoke rims remain an auxillary extra. The aluminum coloured kit on the control panel and the door molding will now be traditional. Other modifications have been made to the dashboard with the central tunnel redisigned with a bigger cargo compartment.

To full the changes, the Coupe' and Maserati Spyder models now have a new extra metallic paint finish with the addition of Rame Ghibli.