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Latest model: Mazda 5 2011
Mazda 5 2011In the fall of 2010 the all-new Mazda 5 hits showrooms across Europe as successor to Mazda's first-generation compact multi-activity car (C-MAV). The original model was well-known with families looking for superior functionality in a compact and secure suite. Since sphere release in 2005, Mazda 5 has found Mazda 500000, owners worldwide, 175000, of them in Europe. It has also won 37 auto awards, and has consistently been voted one of Europe's most robust and secure small vans.

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The all-new Mazda 5 was designed from the ground up to carry forth this successful tradition with an attractive mix of great look look-and-feel, superior security, and dashboard functionality that exceeds what people expect of a C-MAV. Not only does it have an all-new look with an almost sedan-like sporty exterior and an improved driving experience; but also two sliding rear doors, a very big rear-door opening, leg space in the 2nd and 3rd rows that is one of the segment's largest, bigger and more convenient seatings, instruments that are easier to use, and high levels of bench flexibility and functionality. To this it adds a quieter cab, new materials and fabrics, and attractive operating costs with new powertrains that deliver driving fun coupled to double-digit reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions versus the previous Mazda 5. These features - and a long list of equipment - make the all-new Mazda 5 even better at meeting the demands of European families with active lifestyles.

At present, about 80 percent (by weight) of elements from end-of-life Mazda cars are recycled, particularly metal parts. Efforts continue to raise this amount by making it easier to recycle the resin, glass and other materials that comprise the remaining 20 percent. Resin parts are labelled with ISO traditional fabric naming for simple separation, while easily-recycled resin polypropylene (PP) is used for making front and back bumpers, instrument panels and cab trim.

The all-new Mazda 5 has a completely new look that employs Nagare-flow layout, which has won layout awards on Mazda concept vehicles. These components, coupled to the new Mazda front face, a hidden D-pillar and new horizontal back lamps lend it an appeal that is original to the C-MAV segment. On the inside, Mazda 5 has a new dash, helm and centre stack, along with new seatings, materials, colors and bench fabrics for improved class feel.