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Latest model: Mazda CX-7 2010
Mazda CX-7 2010Mazda CX-7 is one of the world's first production Suvs to combine a sporty layout and driving experience with SUV practicality and roominess. Since its release in 2006, this original sports crossover SUV has steadily gained in popularity around the world, selling about 190000, units and winning 15 auto awards. In Europe, it found more than 30000, owners in the growing non-premium compact SUV segment in less than two years. Europeans are attracted to its sporty layout, its fun-to-drive nature and its combination of everyday practicality, roominess and class feel.

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The new facelift model refines this suite of attributes even further and is engineered to be more sophisticated, sustainable and emotionally attractive. While retaining the sporty nature of the original model, the facelift enhances ride convenience and handling stability, and features this with lower noise levels in the cab for a more sophisticated dashboard environment. It is also more sustainable with the introduction of a new, clean-running diesel that provides high performance and torque, low fuel consumption and Euro Stage V compliance. The layout of the facelift received upgrades to make it even more emotionally attractive with a new, more dynamic Mazda family face, luxury look detailing and a higher class feel. And revised suspension options further refine its driving performance.

At release in 2007, Mazda's sports crossover SUV featured an advanced layout that gave it an emotional appeal usually reserved for sports vehicles. Taking this as their basis, developers of the facelift improved Mazda Cx-7's sporty nature and sophisticated character even further. They presented a new, more dynamic front end, enhanced create class and added luxury details for a sense of refinement.

The facelifted Mazda CX-7 is just as sporty-looking as before with an extremely flat A-pillar angle of 66ยบ, a rising belt line and roof spoiler, comprehensive wheel arches (inspired by Mazda RX-8 sports coupe) and big wheels. This is improved for the facelift with an all-new lower five-point grille. It looks larger and more aggressive - reflecting Mazda's new-generation layout language presented with the new Mazda3 - and is framed by chrome mouldings for a luxury exterior. New front fog lamps are presented as well. These are embedded in a bezel layout that is more vertical than before, and whose top outer corners are points that seem to flow into the fender panels.