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Latest model: Mazda Tribute Hybrid-Electric Vehicle 2008
Mazda Tribute Hybrid-Electric Vehicle 2008Showing its commitment to improving the world's air class, Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) will unveil the all-new 2008 Mazda Tribute Hybrid-electric Car (HEV) at the 2007 North American International Auto Show. With a hydrogen-powered version of the RX-8 and a hydrogen-powered hybrid version of the MAZDA 5 undergoing extensive testing in Japan, the Mazda Tribute HEV is the latest environmentally friendly car to join the Mazda lineup.

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Tribute HEV will debut in mid-2007, as a 2008 model-year car. Mazda will offer more details - exact timing, pricing, distribution, sales volumes, etc. - closer to the release date.

With virtually all new Mazda cars sold in the U. earning either Low Emission Car (LEV) or Ultra Low Emission Car (ULEV) status, protecting the global environment is a long-standing concern of ours, explained Robert Davis, senior vice president, Class, Research and Development, MNAO. The Mazda Tribute HEV is the next step towards strengthening Mazda's environmental efforts.

A full hybrid, the Mazda Tribute HEV can run on 100 percent electric performance up to about 25 mph, maximizing in-city fuel efficiency and making it one of the least-polluting cars sold. Still, the Mazda Tribute HEV stays true to the Zoom-zoom Mazda owners have come to expect by delivering the performance required by SUV owners. The Mazda Tribute HEV offers a lot of of performance yet meets California's strict Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Car (AT-PZEV) requirements by achieving Super Ultra Low Emissions Car II (SULEVII) standards, plus zero evaporative emissions standards - the strictest emission regulations a gasoline-fueled car can meet.